About Us

We Care About Your Safety!

Here, through Safety Direct blogs, we want to encourage you to abide by the safety guidelines while commuting so that you reach home safely at the end of the day.

We all share the road, but our attitudes to road safety can be different. People have various habits, beliefs and attitudes when it comes to driving. Every individual has his share of stories, tensions, pressure and in addition, their personality traits are the contributing factors to the way they drive.

Speed is still a major problem with the commuters of Melbourne. And, as it is becoming a multicultural society, more people from different places share the roads, making it more apparent for us to be extra cautious while driving.

The Safety Direct believes that sharing the experiences, significance and benefits of the road issues and necessary safety equipment can help create awareness of our own behaviour towards others while on the road. And that is why; we are here, sharing our traffic knowledge with you!

Stay connected with us and be equipped with all the road safety-related knowledge and guidelines that we are going to post regularly.

We look forward that this endeavour of ours can someday motivate or help people in making their driving life, a safe affair!